I just purchased a 1995 Kawasaki 750sx stand up ski. The first time I took it out I noticed there was no water from the pisser. Exhaust/smoke exits from the pisser with a very very small amount of water. After riding it for about 5-10 minutes, the exhaust was cool to the touch but the head was too hot to touch and would boil a bit of water but nothing extreme. I would prefer peace of mind with water from the pisser. Here are the troubleshooting steps/observations I’ve made:

1) Started engine, hooked up to water hose at the water inlet from the impeller, and all the water exited the exhaust keeping the engine cool – yet no water from the pisser. However, until the system is full of water there is air coming out of the pisser hole. After it is full, nothing but exhaust.

2) The temperature sensor is not clogged – I’ve blown 40 PSI air through the entire cooling system. Removing the hose from the temperature sensor to the exhaust stinger has the same result of just exhaust/smoke from the stinger outlet.

3) I’ve read a few posts about the head gasket being either put on backwards or blocking the water holes. So I replaced the head gasket (needed to be done anyways) but still no water from the pisser.

4) I’ve noticed water is leaking from the third exhaust gasket from the header (the one that is vertical). Possibly losing pressure in the system preventing water from the pisser?

5) One of the exhaust manifold bolts on one of the cylinders is missing its stud/bolt.

But none of these steps fixed the problem. So I went ahead and disassembled the exhaust thinking one of the gaskets was damaged. I’ve documented the entire cooling system for others to view if they have problems.

Evidentially, the previous owner had drilled holes the second exhaust gasket causing water to primarily flow through the exhaust. I’ve drawn a diagram of the coolant system with pictures of the gasket holes were drilled in. Water “trickles” out of the pisser unlike other skis that shoot it 15ft in the air! Hope this helps out fellow 750sx owners!

Kawasaki 750sx Standup Jetski