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Here I want to discuss my personal projects with cooler stereos, vehicles, electronics, etc.

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Hey, everyone! My name is Aric Beaver and I’m a Electrical Engineer working for ON Semiconductor in Portland, Oregon.

I grew up in three very different cultural areas of the US: the deep dirty South, Midwest, and now West Coast. I started my life by being born in the South residing in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas due to my fathers work travel. After a family breakup my mother, sister, and I moved to the Midwest where she grew up. A good move both my sister and I because it was Lawrence, Kansas; where The University of Kansas is located. My big sister attended Kansas and I followed majoring in Electrical Engineering. After graduating in May 2012 I made an immediate movement to start employment with ON Semiconductor in Portland, OR.

Currently, I am working to validate image sensing products for automotive and consumer industries.


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