Installation of Wired Backup Camera

The installation of an wired backup camera in my 1977 Toyota Chinook with simple automatic enable from reverse light signal.

Installation and Modification of RV Roof Fan

The installation of an RV roof fan in my 1977 Toyota Chinook with pulse width modulation speed control modification.

Crypto Curreny Mining Machine with Four GTX 1080s

Building a crypto currency mining machine with four GTX 1080s to mine Lyra2REv2 ASIC-proof currency

Rapid Toggle Network Script for Windows

A method of toggling between two WiFi networks rapidly with Windows

Rusty and Leaky Cowl Repair on 1977 Toyota Chinook Camper

Repair of the rusty cowl that leaks water into the interior floor board.

Three Ways to Use Thermal Reliefs in Cadence PCB Editor

Tutorial on how to setup thermal reliefs in Cadence PCB editor globally, per dynamic shape, and per individual pin

1977 Toyota Chinook Restoration named Paris

Top to bottom restoration of a 1977 Toyota Chinook pop-top camper named Paris. Body, engine, interior, electronics, upholstery, etc., etc., are all covered!

Jekyll and Github Pages Blog Setup

Tutorial on how this blog was setup

Replacing Incandescent Bulb with LED in Porter Cable PCXMVC NI-CD/LI-ION Flashlight

The incandescent bulb in my flashlight that came with my drill/impact set kept burning out. I'll cover replacing it with an LED by making a custom schematic and PCB.

Octopus Version 7, 10 Speakers, Lightweight Octagon

Version 7 of the custom stereo builds for floating the river. This one is octagon shape and a much lighter version of its predecessor. It has eight 6" speakers and two 6x9" speakers.