I named this one “Coolbox”.

My preference is that a cooler stereo should be a stereo but, almost more importantly, be able to hold some beers! Maybe 1 in 20 cooler stereos in this forum double as a cooler, which makes me sad; also not drunk when floating down a river, playing an ultimate frisbee game, or chillin’ on the pontoon boat.

The Coolbox has the amplifier mounted on the outside but I still took it on 2 river trips before a class 3 rapids trip did the amplifier in. I attempted to “waterproof” it by using masking tape around the body of the amplifier ;D. The battery and wiring is mounted on the inside. Speakers are front facing.

There is a simple red LED switch to turn the amplifier on and a single 12V port for input (charging) and output (air pumps, cell phone chargers, etc). Amplifier input is the standard RCA left/right inputs.

Battery lasts DAYS. I mean DAYS. At full volume. It is standard lead acid battery from a lawn mower. I picked it up from Lawrence Battery in Kansas for $25 before I moved to Oregon.

Come on guys, I really don’t think a subwoofer is worth it. Maybe I will have to listen to one before I get shunned on the forum.


Cooler: Igloo 25 Quart Marine Cooler

Speakers: Polk 5.25” Marine(very much loud enough for a river float)

Amplifier: Pyramid 240W 2 Channel (plenty powerful)

Charger: Schumacher SC-300A 3A 12V


The red is from another cooler I cut up, silicon-ed it in, cut out notches for the lid

Battery with wiring and switch/plug/speakers in place

Back view (after build)

Inside view before I put some styrofoam over the speaker on the cooler side

Front view, polk speakers

Speaker cutout and battery view

Back view (after a year, epoxy’ed the switch in that is what the yellow stuff is)

Another back view

Controls on the amplifier

Top view of the back/amplifier