This tutorial describes how to disable the automatic tailgate lock via the key fob and inside door controls on a 2013 Ram 1500 Big Horn. First I’ll start with a list of annoyances/pro/cons.


  • Second lag (and noise) between locking main doors and tailgate
  • Tailgate actuator locks/unlocks regardless of being already locked/unlocked
  • Attempting to open the tailgate with something in the other hand yet the tailgate is locked because you are at The Home Depot


  • Resolving annoyances
  • Tailgate lock will not lock with inside door controls or fob


  • Risk of tailgate theft

Tools required:

  • #30 torx bit
  • Zip ties

1) DO NOT remove the tailgate cap; it does not have to be removed contrary to my initial thoughts. If I didn’t have a bedliner this would have been obvious.

2) Remove eight torx bolts holding down tailgate plate and bed liner if one is present.

3) Remove tailgate plate.

4) Make sure that tailgate is UNLOCKED.

5) Unplug actuator wiring harness and zip tie to unlock bar. Make sure to leave a little slack here because that bar does move about 1/2” when opening the tailgate.