I bought a dash camera didn’t want the wire hanging down plugged into the cigarette lighter so I hardwired it to the power for the rear view mirror. I’ll detail how to remove the mirror and how to tap into some auxiliary power

How to remove the rear view mirror (see pictures for more detail below):
1) First remove the smaller of the two plastic assembly at the base of the mirror, this can be done using a small screw driver and slightly sliding the piece up
2) Now you can remove the mirror by gently grabbing the base and rotating it counterclockwise
3) Remove the larger plastic piece by spreading inside clips apart

Remote ON/OFF auxiliary power (see pictures for more detail below):
The black wire is ground and the pink with yellow strip is +12V when truck is ON. I used the simple wire tap connectors.

Mini 0801 dash camera: $100 on eBay
Fulree 12V to 5V mini usb converter: $4 on eBay

Before removal

Two piece plastic assembly

Inside two piece plastic assembly

Inside larger plastic piece

Bolt thing that holds the mirror on

This is where the mirror connects to the bolt thing

Rear view mirror wiring harness

Black is ground and pink with yellow stripe is +12V when truck is ON

12V to 5V adapter for dash camera

Spliced 12V to 5V adapter to wires

Clean wiring! No wires hanging down over the dash