Rufus is a small 16 quart cooler with 2 4” pyle marine speakers and Lepai amplifier w/ Aux/FM/SD inputs, plus bluetooth with $5 adapter. There are wet/dry sides and about 1/3 of the volume is dedicated to battery/speakers/amp/etc.

All the plastic I used I obtained from TAP Plastics (basically anywhere on the West coast). The one I go to has a scrap bin where you can buy plastic for CHEAP, $1 sheets. Otherwise, their price calculator is accurate.

The plastic wet/dry divider was simply cut to size with a jigsaw. Tap Plastics will also do any custom dimension.

There is a white LED illuminated switch to turn on the amplifier which is wired in series with the switch inside the amplifier on the volume knob. This extra switch is necessary because these cheap Lepai amplifier draw quiescent current which will slowly drain the battery.

I learned a little bit more about gluing plastics on the run around. Turns out that coolers are made of polypropylene plastic which is very difficult to adhere to. Instead of using 3M 5200 marine sealant like I usually do I am using E6000 which is more of a glue than sealant. It costs $10 per 10.2 oz tube at Tap Plastics but you can also buy it online and maybe even Home Depot.

I also purchased a really neat adjustable hole saw to cut the speaker holes to the exact right dimension. Cut through the cooler like butter but you should probably use a drill press not a hand drill.


Coleman Excursion Cooler, Blue, 16-Quart:

General Tools & Instruments 55 Heavy Duty Circle Cutter:

PYLE PLMR41W 4-Inch Dual Cone Waterproof Stereo Speaker System:

12V USB & FM 20W+20W Mini Car Power Amplifier With Remote Controller:

Spypoint 12-Volt 7.0 AH Rechargeable Battery and AC Charger:

RioRand 0-33.00V DC 12V Digital Panel Volt Meter Voltage Tester Blue LED Display:

Pushbutton Switch GPB527D2B02BW1:

E6000 plastic glue:

Waterproof Car Motorbike Female Cigarette Lighter Power Plug Outlet Socket 12V:

12v Male Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug Connector with Fuse and Red LED:

M3AO Waterproof Power Socket Mini Blade Type In Line Fuse Holders With 10A Fuse: