I was searching for any easy way to obtain the COM port numbers of FTDI Chips to know whether or not to attempt to connect to a device. FTDI Chip has LabVIEW drivers on this page but they only use an ID number (Handle) to communicate with the devices. Here is how to do it for those interested.

Referencing the FTDI Chip manual:


All the functions in the manual call “FTD2XX.DLL” which is installed with the FTDI Chip D2XX driver. A call not included in the LabVIEW drivers is the “FT_GetComPortNumber” function which uses a the ID number (Handle) to obtain a COM port number.

Linked below are the edited FTDI Chip drivers with two new VIs.

Download the VIs here

1) FT_Get_Com_Port_Number.vi
2) Get COM Port Number Demo.vi

Block diagrams: